Schools & Education in Hillsdale

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Adonis Press

John Barnes

Our latest book, The Nature of the Place, A History of Living with the Land in Columbia County, NY, can be found on our web site (below).

(518) 325-1100
321 Rodman Rd, Hillsdale, NY  12529

At the Kitchen Table Cooking School

Julie Gale

(914) 261-1316
214 Dawson Rd, Hillsdale, NY  12529

Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School

Caroline Geisler

(518) 672-7092 330
County Rte. 21C, Hillsdale, NY  12529

HGS Home Chef

Matthew White

HGS Home Chef is a kitchen store with every pot, pan or gadget a home chef could need.  We also have TWO beautiful teaching kitchens offering cooking classes taught by local and nationally recognized experts.

10:00am – 6:00pm every day except Tuesday
(518) 325-7000
2635 Route 23, Hillsdale, NY 12529
Facebook – HillsdaleGeneralStore

Uriel Center for Music

Diane Barnes

At the Uriel Center for Music, voice lessons, lyre lessons, music studies, and therapeutic singing are offered. At the basis of this work lies the premise that breathing, tone, and rhythm are fundamental to all healing and health.

10:00am – 4:00pm, Mon,Tue, Fri
(518) 325-1113
321 Rodman Rd, Hillsdale, NY  12529