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Sidebar ads run down the right-hand column of each page.  All of these ads are visible all the time, but their position changes each time the page is refreshed, with the top ad moving to the bottom and all others moving up a notch.

The Hillsdale Business Alliance offers THREE TYPES OF SIDEBAR ADS:

  • SIMPLE TEXT sidebar ad, similar to a classified ad, with no border and a single color. These ads are 300×70 pixels (Mini Wide Rectangle) and will contain approximately 30 words at 16 pt. type.  Each ad can link to a web address of your choice.
  • ENHANCED TEXT sidebar ad, similar to a “business card” ad, and including a border, colored or patterned background, and text in colors of your choice. These ads are 300×150 pixels (Small Wide Rectangle).  Each ad can link to a web address of your choice.
  • IMAGE ADS are larger sidebar ads, 300×500 pixels, which contain a graphic or a gif. Each ad can link to a web address of your choice.

There are 5 SECTIONS; an ad is repeated on each page within its section (the number of pages is in parentheses in the chart below): Home Page, Business Directory, Calendar, News, and About the HBA.  Prices are listed below.

Simple Text
Enhanced Text
Image Ad
Home Page (1 page) N/A $40 $75
Business Directory (14 pages) $20 $40 $75
Hillsdale Calendar (1 page) $10 $30 $60
News (1 page) $10 $30 $60
About the HBA (3 pages) $10 $30 $60

All rates are per month.  Payment is in advance, by credit card or PayPal .

Enhanced Text and Image Ads should be submitted ready to post.  If you need assistance in formatting your ad, there are several great local web designers and technology experts in our directory.

For more information, please contact

To place an ad:

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. We will send you an invoice based on your choices with a link to prepay.
  3. Make your payment and email your ad to
  4. Your ad will begin within three days of receipt of your materials.


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